A Big Wuzzalele Welcome!

Check out our Wuzzalele Facebook Page, where you can get in touch and leave song suggestions etc.

Wuzzalele is a ukulele jam which meets on most Thursday nights at the Red Lion Hotel, Wirksworth. Anyone interested is welcome to come along and join in, no matter what experience you have (or none at all!).Ukulele on a table

(Wuzzalele doesn’t meet on the first Thursday of each month, as an all-instruments open session is held on those nights in the Red Lion – of course you can still bring your uke to those nights too!)

Why Wuzzalele? Wirksworth is sometimes endearingly called ‘Wuzza’ or ‘Wussa’ …and, well, after a few pints (and much uke strumming), a “what shall we call ourselves” debate was had, and it seemed perfect! Wuzzalele it is then!

But whatever it’s called, Wuzzalele is simply friendly people turning out with a small instrument, intent on nothing else but having fun and joining in and smiling – we hope you can come and join us soon.

Please see the links above to download and print our songbook or get in touch.

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